History of Massachusetts Day and Who the Founders Are

If you are reading this, you must really be a nerd. Possibly, nerdier than the one who wrote it.

After a year in Austin Texas, I was on extended trip to his home state of Massachusetts. It was here when I had a rare and memorable dream: A simple day with friends, doing something random in the only place I could ever honestly call home.
After fleshing out the idea, I identified what excited me about the concept. It wasn't the choosing of a random place, it was the trust in my friends to make the best of it with me, no matter how it turned out.
Now, I just had to see if this idea had any legs.

Eli Rosinha was in before I even finished describing what I had in mind. To this date, he has been to all incarnations of Massachusetts Day. His main contribution is that we usualy use his house as out launching pad for the day itself.

I actually found the conversation from my Gchat history when I told Will Mogan about Massachusetts Day: June 8th, 2012

me: I revealed my Summer of Adventure idea to Eli yesterday, seemed to go over well for him.
Will: what was that?
me: We gather a group of people who are into this idea together early one morning, probably a Sunday, everyone that is in HAS to do this, no backing out

2:00 PM
we pick a number out of a hat or some other method like it.
the number will correspond with a random town or city in MA.
we have to spend the day there
its called Massachusetts Day
2:01 PM
Will: hahaha
me: we are excluding Cape and Islands I think
would that be something people who be interested in?
2:02 PM
Will: yeah I think we could sell it
me: I think it would be really funny

Will, of course, did come out for the day. He also when above and beyonnd by creating this very website. He took my idea of picking a name of a hat and quickly wrote the famous Massachusetts Day app you see on the main page. Without this feature, I can't imagine introducing this concept to new people. Will gave us the legitimacy that we didn't know that we needed.

Next on board was Meghan Ariagno. Meg is the kindest and most supportive person that I have ever met. She was so excited to come out for this thing. She is the biggest cheerleader for Massachusetts Day and to have her as one of the founders gives me so much joy.

This thing would never have happened or continued to happen if it wasn't for all three of these people.

A number of people really were excited for the idea but were convieniently busy when Sunday, June 1st rolled around.